Monona Terrace Parking – Saturday the 29th

Shake the Lake is taking place on Saturday, June 29John Nolen Drive will be closed from 6:00 am on Sat., June 29 through 6:00 am on Sun., June 30.  This results in no access to the East or West Loading docks and the blocking of the parking garage entrance on John Nolen Drive.

Guests attending events at Monona Terrace on Saturday will access the parking garage from the Wilson Street Entrance.  I’ve attached a map showing the location of this entrance.  A few important things to share regarding payment and exiting the garage on Saturday:

  • Payment will be collected at the parking entrance by an attendant.  The charge will be $5 and only CASH will be accepted.
  • Only the Pinckney Street exit will be open.  All guests will exit here and then turn left onto Wilson Street.
  • The fireworks are scheduled to end at 10:45 pm.  Exiting the parking garage between 10:45-11:15 pm will be slow due to the number of people leaving.

Any teams or suppliers making deliveries for the event will either need to drop off their materials on Friday at the East Loading Dock or deliver from the Level 4 Drive Through Lane.  Due to the overhang, the delivery vehicle can be no taller than 12’.

Larger version of the map (pdf).