A Note to our Dragon & Lion Dance Community

The United States Dragon and Lion Dance Federation (USDLDF) has always worked extremely hard to be able to bring a variety of qualified and reputable masters and coaches to the United States since our inauguration in 2017. We feel honored and fortunate to be able to work with these outstanding experts, in each of their own fields, in a variety of seminars and certifications.

It is important to note that the USDLDF has the responsibility to make these masters and coaches available to its constituents first and to the general dragon and lion dance community second. We are equally responsible to ensure that these masters and coaches have adequate time to rest, recuperate and enjoy their visit while in the US under our care.

Let us all remember that meeting with these masters and coaches is a rare privilege here in the United States.

Membership in the USDLDF is open to all people interested in dragon and lion dance. Everyone is welcome to become a member of our organization or attend our events.

The best opportunity to meet with these USDLDF hosted masters and coaches is to attend USDLDF events, during the time that has been planned for them, while they are in the US leading their events.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for all the people who participated and helped organize our latest event, the extremely informative and educational, Fundamentals of Sar Ping Lion Arts seminar.


USDLDF Executive Board

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