Our Sponsors

Founding Sponsor:

South Cove Community Health Center
South Cove Community Health Center was incorporated in 1972 by a group of volunteers in response to the inadequate provision of primary care services for the local residents in Boston Chinatown due to their language and cultural differences.  Today, more than 40 years later, South Cove runs four clinics and an after-school program in the greater Boston area with over 250 employees, serving approximately 32,000 patients annually.

Crawfish King

A family owned and operated restaurant in located in Seattle, WA that creates a dining space for coming together, sharing great food, and enjoying life for its customers. They care just as much about the family atmosphere as the food they make. Nothing makes them happier than seeing a group of people enjoying their food so come share your good times at their amazing restaurant!


Capstone Sponsors:

Ameristar Casino (CO)

Keystone Sponsors:

  • Peter Ng (MA)
  • Kim Lý Jewelry (CO)
  • Demian Smith Law Firm (CO)
  • Pacific Ocean Supermarket (CO)

Event Supporters:

  • No Limit Arts and Gifts (TX)

Full Page Sponsors ($500):

  • Wing Wai International Dragon and Lion Dance Supply (Australia)
  • Rio Lion Dance Instruments (Vietnam)
  • South Cove Community Health Center (MA)
  • East Coast Lions NYC (NY)
  • Crawfish King (WA)

Half Page Sponsors:

  •  Jin Wu Koon (Australia)
  • Dança do Leão Porto Alegre / RS (Brazil)
  • Traditional Arts (Singapore)
  • Sing Yi Tong (Vietnam)
  • Ameristar Casino (CO)
  • Wah Lum Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy (MA)
  • Jing Mo Tong (NE)
  •  EE Printing (WA)
  • Zhong Yi Kung Fu Association (WI)

Quarter Page Sponsors:

  • Emplion (Singapore)
  •  Jeanette Chun – Chuntography (NE)
  • Dragon Lion Gear (NJ)
  • No Limit Arts and Gifts (TX)
  •  RAD Lion Dance (WA)

In-kind Sponsors:

  • Traditional Arts (Singapore) – designed book cover and lanyards
  • Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine (CA)
  •  KeyBar (GA)
  • Jeanette Chun – Chuntography (NE)