International Competition Opportunities for USDLDLF Member Teams

We are excited to announce that the USDLDF has been contacted by the organizers of two prestigious overseas championships that would like to have our member teams participate in their tournaments representing the USA. 

This is a great opportunity for USDLDF teams to gain more experience and make new connections on the world stage, besides having the opportunity to travel and showcase their talents on an international level.

USDLDF members (teams and individuals) that have already traveled overseas, for either competition or training (or both), recognize how invaluable this type of experience can be for their team in terms of growth and improvement, not just of skills but also of confidence and understanding of the arts.

These are the two latest events our teams have been invited to:

From Malaysia:

10th Penang International Lion Dance On Stilt Competition.

Dates: Preliminary Rounds – September 13-14, 2019. Finals – September 15, 2019.

Logistics: Hotel (Each team gets 4 rooms), meal, and transportation from Penang International Airport to hotel and to tournament location will be covered.

Registration due date: TBD

Note: This event is for Freestyle (Jongs) Lion Dance only

From Hong Kong:

CROCODILE World Hong Kong Luminous Dragon and Lion Dance Championship 2020

Dates: January 9-14, 2020.

Logistics: TBD

Registration due date: TBD

Note: This event is for Luminous (glow in the dark) Dragon and Freestyle (Jongs) Lion Dance categories only.

Interested teams please contact us by replying to this email. Priorities will be reserved for USDLDF’s member teams who placed top 3 at our national championships, then to all member teams.

For a quick peek at airline tickets pricing check out so you can plan a budget and any type of fundraising necessary for your team to be able to participate in these exciting events. 

These are great opportunities that we are proud to make available to our Member Schools and we hope to have a team (or more) represent the USA at these prestigious tournaments!




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