Asian American Cultural Center

Asian American Cultural Center


Asian American Cultural Center (AACC) is the parent organization of Nam Pai (Kung Fu), Wah May (Lion Dance), and Qi Farm (Tai Chi and Healing). Originally founded in 1983, the school was a small hub for our Sifus to train together with their community in the various martial art forms we still offer today. As time went on however, AACC went quiet due to shifting priorities from our Sifus and Nam Pai Kung Fu Academy became the primary focus.

Nam Pai Academy, now Nam Pai, was started as its own kung fu school in 2005. The school offered more formal classes in various martial arts. The school casually did lion dance until a small internal group began training for the New England Regional Lion Dance Competition. From the success of this initial group, our lion dance team was born.

The sudden growth of the lion dance team prompted our leadership to begin the revitalization and rebranding of our school. Bringing back the Asian American Cultural Center in 2017 as a nonprofit, with three separate but unified branches of our organizations. This renewal created the foundation for our school to expand ever further. Our goal as a non-profit organization and school is to grow the community, educate on tradition, and push boundaries through our arts.

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