We appreciate being able to use this beautiful image done by artist Shaina Lu

As dragon and lion dancers our commitment has always been to our local communities, be them of Asian descent or not. Dragon and lion dance teams, throughout our nation, are known to not only help their communities celebrate good times at festivals and gatherings but also pitch in with volunteer work in times of need and adversity. 

Our brothers and sisters in the black community have been suffering for a long time and the United States Dragon & Lion Dance Federation as an organization that promotes, among other things, harmony, equality, justice and ethics we condemn racial discrimination and stand against the systemic racism that has plagued our nation for far too long. We stand in solidarity with the black community, people of color and all that are oppressed. 

We ask all individuals, teams and coaches to listen, understand, support and aid their local black communities in this moment of need in any way they can.  

The statement “all lives matter” will only become a reality when BLACK LIVES MATTER just as much as others. 


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