Webinar: Brief History of Lion Dance

TheĀ United States Dragon & Lion Dance Federation (USDLDF) is proud to partner with the Zhong Yi Kung Fu Association, of Madison, Wisconsin, to present the webinar “Brief History of Lion Dance“. This will be a great opportunity for all lion dancers to learn more about the history, folk tales and development of the Lion Dance through the ages.

This webinar will be taught by Master Nelson Ferreira of the Zhong Yi Kung Fu Assocition and it will be transmitted through the Zoom Meetings platform. Limited spots available and registration closes at 2:00 pm on Saturday 12/12, so sign up now!

The webinar is designed for practitioners and enthusiats of all levels to learn more about the beautiful and profound history of the lion dance.

The course will cover the following topics:

  • Origins of the Lion in China
  • Primitive Dances and the Lion
  • Folk Expression
  • Tales and Folk Stories
  • The Dance and Martial Arts
  • International Dissemination
  • Current Types of Chinese Lions


  • Saturday, December 12th, 2020


  • 7:00 pm Eastern
  • 6:00 pm Central
  • 5:00 pm Mountain
  • 4:00 pm Pacific
  • 2:00 pm Hawaii


  • 1 hour 30 minutes

NOTE: Q&A session with Master Ferreira will be available after the presentation


  • Zoom Meetings

NOTE: To download Zoom Meetings App please click HERE

Course Costs:

  • Members – $10.00
  • Non-Members – $20.00


  • Send an email to contact@usdldf.org including your name, preferred email address and USDLDF member number (if applicable). Through the email provided we will bill you and send you the Zoom Meeting link before the meeting begins.

NOTE: From Friday 11/27 to Monday 11/30 current members that are renewing their membership and brand new members will be able to attend the webinar for FREE – making the seminar only $5.00! They will still need to send their information in to be registered for the event.

We look forward to another great opportunity for our lion dance community to expand their knowledge, share experiences and grow in the arts we all love!


United States Dragon & Lion Dance Federation

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this webinar are those of the author (Nelson Ferreira). They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the United States Dragon & Lion Dance Federation (USDLDF) or its members.